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Why Invest In Cyprus?

Apartment in Cyprus for Rent
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Standard of Living

with its high standard of living, warm climate, affordable and efficient healthcare and its incredibly low crime rate is proving a very attractive destination to Brits emigrating.

The legal and banking systems are based on the British model and therefore choosing a mortgage and the whole ‘moving in’ process is a comparatively a straight forward one.

Buy to Let Potential

One of the main things to remember is that Cyprus and its proximity to Europe with a excellent climate makes it an ideal holiday destination all year round. The potential to earn from a property on a buy to let basis is enormous.

Cyprus rental yields are not restricted seasonally, due to its beaches, lifestyle and beautiful scenery.

It is reported that Cyprus was the second most popular holiday destination for the British in Easter 2006.

In the Paphos area 60% occupancy would typically result in a yield in the region of 9-10%


Capital Growth

Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus had enjoyed a capital growth of 30 to 40%

Cyprus is becoming one of the fastest growing property markets in Europe and annual property prices are increasing in the region of 15-20% per annum.

A continued investment in the infrastructure of the island and the entry into the Euro in January 2008 and the accessibility of Cyprus makes it an ideal destination.

Although Cyprus as a high standard of living , prices are relatively low compared with the other popular European destinations such as France, Spain and Portugal

Property prices are expected to grow for the foreseeable future.

 Market Potential

In should be noted that demand is outstripping supply in Cyprus at the moment and with the expected take up of the Euro in January 2008 it seems that prices are set to soar and Cyprus could be approaching a “boom” period in the property market. Also with the population estimated to grow significantly in the next 15 years and the financial economy in Cyprus extremely strong these are good signs for the investor. Cyprus continues to meet all its stringent financial targets and a reduction of interest rates to fall in line with the European Central Bank Rate can only serve to strengthen the rising property prices.

Independent financial forecasts suggest that the property market continues to grow and that now is an ideal time to purchase in the short, medium and long term.

Development on the Island

The Republic of Cyprus continues to develop its infrastructure and to contribute to its investment potential by redevelopment projects like the expansion of the two major airports on the island (Larnaca and Paphos) this will inevitable increase the number of flights to the island and therefore decrease flight prices. All this contributes to an expected tourism boom of around 4.6% over the next five to ten years.

Further developments are in advanced stages of planning or build like the opening of major new roads and flyovers, new range of facilities like golf courses, new extended and redesigned marinas, new hospitals and a wide range of cultural and social attractions.    

Cyprus really is a wonderful island for investment, so come and see for yourself.

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